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My iGalen Story: Jackie Boyle

4/9/1965 to 26/8/2017:

Quickly my health challenges are: Chronic bladder disease, Chronic bowel disease, Chronic Inflammation, Chronic pain, Peripheral Sensory Neuropathy disease, Fibromyalgia, Arachnoiditis of the spine, Spinal surgery multiple times causing permanent damage, Bladder Device (Neural Stimulator), Spinal (Neural Stimulator), Fatigue, Chronic Insomnia, Fingernail and Toenail disease, Hair Loss, Loss of Teeth, Anxiety, Sugar Cravings, Difficulty processing a lot of food types, needless to say, each day has been a massive challenge to function at what I feel is normal.

My body has been through 25-27 Major Surgeries, Ketamine Infusions, and 250+ Day Surgeries to date, plus 4 annual day surgeries for the remainder of my life. Staying optimistic with a positive mindset is a daily work in progress. I am achieving this and will continue to do so.

I began using Emulin and within 3 days I was taking fewer medications for my bowel and sleep with better functionality with both, by day 5 I had stopped 2 pain medications, and at day 12 I stopped another 2 medications.

I have noticed my Peripheral Sensory neuropathy and back pain has lessened considerably, sugar cravings have gone, I’m not wanting junk food at all, I just purchased stronger reading glasses and have found I have an improvement in my eyesight that I have had to go back to my original weaker reading glasses and I am managing better daily with more energy also.

Amazingly also by day 12, I completely stopped taking all medications for my bowel altogether for the first time in 51 years, my whole life this is...

I have experienced headaches, but due to ceasing medications and the way Emulin processes the sugars and carbohydrates as you absorb them, you need to drink more water as you will lose salt and dehydrate. Sole Himalayan (Pink rock salt) is suggested daily to counterbalance this. Otherwise, I’m so happy with results to date.

Reading the worldwide testimonials are encouraging and exciting as I have always wanted to help others with general health. Hence why I am educated in Health and Fitness, Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, a Beautician, Pathology, Ambulance, Training & Assessment Cert IV, and a few other qualifications.

My personal journey has given me the passion and desire throughout my life to want to offer a better way of life in any way I could. So, stumbling across Emulin, via a Pharmacist friend within the Illawarra, has given me a voice to share and shout out to those who truly need help, yet suffer in silence, we do not have to, with iGalen.

10 weeks after commencing Emulin – 9/6/17

I would like to firstly thank you for reading such a lengthy journal. My Life’s journey to date.
We all have low grade inflammatory from our early 20's, this increases in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s 60’s, as we progress in age so does the inflammation. For those who suffer daily health challenges from chronic, acute, debilitating and most of us sadly have experienced family or friends who become a fatality.

Emulin is the world’s first Patented Carbohydrate Manager and Anti-Inflammatory containing three naturally occurring Flavonols, extracted from onion, grape, and coffee. 

Emulin was formulated to control sugars and process carbohydrates more efficiently. Your lifestyle choices are extremely important for longevity and a healthier you. This is where time frames apply, plus honesty to yourself as you have to help yourself too.

I began 10 weeks ago taking Emulin M, but I began to experience nausea, terrible headaches, cramping in my stomach and feeling extremely unwell. It wasn’t a great experience at all. What I realized was that since I was taking a lot of medications the shift in the management of my carbohydrates had changed, the control of sugars had altered, this was too much for my system to cope with.

After 5 days, I decided to try Emulin C. Even though I'm not diabetic I felt I wanted to try the Emulin C as it contained only 1% of the Quercetin (extracted from onions) in comparison to 9% of the Quercetin in the Emulin M. 

This part of the process disperses the sugars more slowly and it was a lot gentler on my body in conjunction with the medications I was taking. 

Both have supported my body to diffuse inflammation. I'm 51 years old and have had acute to chronic health conditions all my life from birth.

For years I've been to multiple Professors, Specialists, Doctors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Councilors and any natural therapists I could try in hope.

My bedside draws have been a pharmacy and my life has been dictated by my health, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I was born with a dysfunctional bowel. I was given warm soapy water enemas weekly and suppositories daily, this continued from birth through to hitting my teenage years. From this age, I started taking laxatives (2-8 daily) which continued through to the present day. I had a twisted bowel and emergency midnight surgery thankfully solved this. Then 20 years ago I began to have colonics to support my bowel to eliminate the toxic inflammation that my system continually produced.

This would rehydrate my bowel from the bottom up as all the water I would drink was being utilized in the upper intestines, so by the time food was being processed through my bowel I had not enough fluids and the bowel would become extremely constipated very quickly and it could be 10-14 days without opening my bowels without the help of laxatives or colonics.

For these 20 years my Naturopath would tell me that apparently, I was her number 1 client with the highest levels of inflammation each time, Woo hoo imagine my excitement being told this... not.

Remember I started 10 weeks ago on Emulin? Now 6 weeks ago, I was having a colonic and my Naturopath said to me "What have you changed? Your inflammation levels have halved!" 

3 weeks later and another colonic, same therapist, and guess what? NO INFLAMMATION. None! I was speechless. Emulin had supported and assisted my body in breaking down the inflammation, managing my carbohydrates, controlling the sugar levels so that my body was actually functioning efficiently.

In this 10-week period, I've stopped 5 regular script medications, my pain hasn't gone completely, however, I have control over my physical, mental and emotional status. I am not fixed; however, I am not broken either.

My bladder was diagnosed at birth with Marion’s Disease. Basically, the bladder had an abnormality in the neck of the bladder, a perforation in the bladder, it retained 2/3rds of urine after what should have been empty, and I could not control the leakage. I had surgery 2 hours after birth and this continued with multiple surgeries. I spent 80% of the first 2 years from birth in the hospital due to ill health.

Right through baby, infant, young child, teenager, to the age of 23 yrs old, surgeries were a normal occurrence, so was wetting the bed and my lack of control throughout each day, and urine infections.

At 23 years old, I was very ill with UTIs continually. I had urodynamic tests done to assess the bladders capacity to empty efficiently. It was discovered I had a fistula (a hole) in the urethra, so urine was leaking into an area it shouldn’t. Plus, I couldn’t empty my bladder on my own and had residual left of 750 ml that was left when I thought it was empty. 

At this time, I was taught how to self-catheterize to ensure that my bladder would be emptied completely, this will be my normal for my lifetime.

By the age of 30, I was having problems with pain and control of my bladder. The result was Bladder dilation (stretching) and Botox throughout the bladder wall to keep the muscles relaxed. I have a general anesthetic 4 times a year to have this procedure done for the duration of my life.

Now, this is the interesting part. Each time I have the bladder Botox done, my urologist specialist would tell me post-surgery that inside my bladder, the walls had multiple ulcerated ulcers throughout, sometimes worse than the last.

This has been the post-surgery conversation for 22 years now. However, 2 months after commencing with Emulin I had my bladder Botox surgery, and guess what? My specialist was simply amazed and said: “I’m not sure what has happened, but inside your bladder, there are absolutely no ulcers, the walls are clear!" 

Now he asked if I had altered anything? Once I explained that Emulin was the only change, he said whatever it keeps taking it. I was left speechless, but so excited that this amazing product had supported and assisted my body in breaking down the inflammation and clearing my bladder walls up. 

I was smiling.

I had two spinal surgeries on L4-L5 where firstly a Wallis Device was put in to open up the discs, followed by a cage and rods either side to immobilize my spine were inserted. In amongst this, 3 cortisone injections annually were done for pain management.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Arachnoiditis of the spine.

My GP of 22 years is interested in Emulin and is monitoring my progress. This is due to the reduction in the scripts for medications that were regularly written by her. My GP has been a lifeline, so to have her excited about seeing the medical improvements I have shown, well we both are very pleased. Looking forward to continued improvement we are hoping.

Now 5 years ago I had a lovely man cleverly ran up the back of my car!! A Pandora’s Box was opened…

After the motor vehicle accident, I became a prisoner in my own home through pain, depression and, anxiety. I lost control of my bladder EVERY time I would leave the house. My family suffered as did my marriage. No one signed up for this. I certainly did not invite it into my life!

Another Spinal surgery, another cage inserted with a piece of bone from my iliac crest placed in as a bone graft. Then my bladder malfunctioned and I had a Bladder Device (Sacral Neural Stimulator) inserted.

My hair began falling out, and my fingernails and toenails randomly just fell off. My ears, nose, and eyebrows would scab and bleed, and I have lost 1/3 of my teeth. All due to the neural disorder and stress.

I was diagnosed with Peripheral Sensory Neuropathy. This strips the myelin sheath off the nerves and leaves them raw, this is permanent as they don’t grow and recover the nerves, I am left with raw nerves. I have lost 70% of feeling from my thighs down to my toes in both legs and feet, I also have lost 30% feeling in both arms and hands from my forearms to my fingertips. I had a Sural Nerve biopsy to rule out another neural disorder.

I was told that it was expected to occur in a 70 plus person but not a 46-year-old. This was devastating news as there was nothing that could be done to relieve this condition.

After researching myself I discovered Stem Cell Treatment. Extremely painful and very expensive but there were no other options to try. I had this done and they extracted the stem cells and injected them intravenously. I had 5 infusions and it improved my Neuropathy Pain by 75%, I was so excited I can tell you this.

This was effective for 18-months and slowly I am left with a 35% improvement and the neuropathy pain is unbearable. One of my Neurologist suggested that there was a trial Spinal Neural Stimulator that he felt I would be suitable for, I was. 

I had the trial period of 8 days and the stimulator was successful providing considerable relief.

At this stage, it was decided to place the permanent Spinal Neural Stimulator in my body which was done 9 weeks later. After 3 weeks, the Spinal Neural Stimulator became infected with extreme swelling over both the battery and spinal wires being very evident and painful.

Becoming septic is the concern as the lymphatic system is infected and swollen too. The infection had actually turned septic and caused a lot of panic as it was evident that the areas with increased swelling were spreading, the redness was very evident, and the pain was increasing. 

Two double strength intravenous antibiotics gradually managed to overcome the septic infection to levels that cleared me for surgery. This device needed to come out as it is being rejected by my body. 
There were amazing noticeable factors that Emulin had been instrumental during my 10 days in the hospital. Emulin had contained the infection to these specific areas, I maintained mental clarity and easily continued to have our 3 weekly zoom sessions, my ability to support and assist our team never wavered, in fact, I increased my activity within our team. 

It was evident that firstly, Emulin had indeed assisted and supported me mentally, physically and emotionally to remain positive. 

Secondly, here I was in the hospital, with my laptop, determined, motivated, task focused, looking at strategies, discussing with our team the areas they required assistance, and still powering through with energy and enthusiasm, thanks to iGalen’s Emulin.

My Specialists were amazed at the speed of my recovery, I was up walking unassisted 4-hours post removal of the Spinal Neural Stimulator. And, remarkably I am completing my testimonial 15-hours post-surgery as I sit with a huge smile, and a feeling of happiness here in my hospital bed. 

Honestly, I do not know what the future holds with my Peripheral Sensory Neuropathy now, but I do know this, that management with Emulin of inflammatory levels are a key factor.

Also, my immune system is very low, so I am susceptible to picking up infections easily. My dietary intake is monitored very carefully due to being intolerant with IBS and keeping most carbohydrates out and keeping my sugar levels controlled. I have chronic insomnia as well, so sleep has been a big problem for some time.

Now after starting with Emulin I have experienced bladder improvements, my bowel is healthier, my sleep pattern has improved, my energy levels are better, my mental clarity is productive, my eyesight has improved, hair loss has lessened, and my fingernails and toenails have stopped falling off. 

I no longer suffer from anxiety or depression…

Since the inflammation levels have been reduced and managed, the effects of Emulin have become noticeably effective. 

My Neuropathic pain and Fibromyalgia has indirectly benefitted from the inflammation levels being lessened, this has reduced the pressure and stimulus on my nervous system. Again, I am not fixed; but I am no longer broken.

In the 5 months since starting Emulin, I have experienced two detox periods, and yes you feel very ordinary, however, I chose to continue and give Emulin a chance.

It took 51 years to be in this state of poor health, not by choice, so it was always going to take longer than a quick fix 1 month, 2 or 3-month period. Whilst there have been noticeable positive changes as mentioned, I realize I am looking to invest in my health for as long as it takes. 
After all, If You don’t take time to look after your health, then your health will soon take all of your time!

I cannot stop smiling because even when I have a few steps back in my health, you know what? My coping mechanisms are locked in to be super positive due to the effects of Emulin by reducing inflammatory levels, managing my carbohydrates and controlling my sugar levels.

Exciting Future products include a Brain Formula, Stem Cell Formula and Emulin Protein Bars and Drinks will be launched, followed by a Joint Formula. All developed by the founding geniuses from iGalen, all natural, no script necessary.

Personally, I cannot wait as I've had Stem Cell Treatment the excruciating and expensive way, so to add this technology is exciting. 

To think I can help my brain in being healthier and supporting and assisting it to NOT be a statistic in Dementia, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's... It is an investment for longevity and a healthier way of living life…

Testimonial Update 26/8/2017 to 20/9/2017

Wow, wow, and unbelievable I am so extremely happy right now. 

After having surgery yesterday on my bladder, my regular 1 of 4 annual surgeries, I was so elated and had to share this with Dr. Rajen due to my Specialists response, request, and my results. Medically Tested and proven after 6 months of taking 3-4 Emulin M daily.

My story and request. Even Specialists are taking notice. This is phenomenally incredible…

Testimonial Update - My Emulin E Journey to date. 14/12/17

So, since commencing Emulin E it has been 6 weeks as I started on the 1st November after the convention. I had been taking 3 Emulin M daily for 7 months with times when needed I would add an extra capsule if feeling a bit off.

Over the hectic schedule of the convention I doubled up to 6 daily and this helped so much as I breezed through the 24-28 flights and the daily sometimes 18hr days adding the social side that was totally necessary lol.

Prior to commencing Emulin as you can see (below in initial testimonial) life was hell.

Now as I made the transition to Emulin E initially I took 3 capsules daily for the first week, and then there was a period of time I experienced definitely a stronger and deeper detox and shift of any inflammation in my body.

I reduced my dosage back to 2 capsules daily thinking this would help, it didn’t. It did level me back to not liking the reactions my body was throwing at me. This was a definite 4-week journey and it was a step backward due to the change in my ability to do what I was able to prior to starting Emulin E. The Neural pain was stirred up considerably, sleep patterns altered, headaches, light sensitivity, and generally feeling not well.

Two things were clarified medically though in this period. My GP did a full blood count and swabs and the results were “Completely Clear”, all super normal. My regular colonics I have been having for the past 20 years, I had my first one since starting Emulin E and it showed absolutely “No Inflammation”, zero at all.

This was fabulous as it proved that Emulin E was definitely working its magic reducing any inflammation left. But I still felt awful, but hopeful and determined as I knew this was a neural response. 

I did have to go back on Tramadol nightly to assist with the pain for the 4-week period. The following week I ceased the Tramadol as I did begin to feel better, more mobile.

In the past week upon sending an email to Dr. Rajen, he forwarded it on to ask for Dr. Ahrens opinion.

The following was suggested: Considering the difference between Emulin M and Emulin E in the Quercetin levels seemed to be the key. Why?

I needed to get these levels back up somewhat as my body was needing the Quercetin and the increase in Gallic Acid as it has shown to help immensely with support to Neurological issues and pain. So, I increased to 4 capsules daily for the past week and with the extra Quercetin and Gallic Acid, I started to feel my symptoms fade away.

Taking 4 capsules daily has proven to be the answer for me personally. The neuropathic symptoms, sleep and other mentioned symptoms have disappeared!!

Now, this is the exciting part believe me. Today, 6 weeks on I had my 3-monthly day surgery for my bladder. This is the 3rd scheduled surgery since starting my Emulin journey nearly 9 months ago.

The first one showed half the number of ulcerated ulcers inside my bladder. The second surgery three months later showed zero ulcerated ulcers but the walls of the bladder were slightly aggravated.

Today was the third surgery since starting Emulin, but the first time since commencing with Emulin E six weeks ago. I’m sitting here writing this with so much excitement as it is truly phenomenal.

My specialists for the past 20 years plus have told me that my bladder not only was clear of all ulcerated ulcers, but the walls of my bladder were absolutely perfect! The color and condition visually were like a “normal” bladder.

Normal bladder to look at. I still need to catheterize but hey I have after 52 years, from birth as my first bladder surgery (one of many) was when I was 2 hours old, was normal.

My Specialists are ecstatic and are so amazed at what Emulin has managed to do. They have the clinical papers previously, so they had read these and where an understanding of Emulin from a professional medical point of view.

This was the test and it provided results that they are wanting to discuss with Dr. Ahrens about Emulin after seeing for themselves the transformation. So, is going through the experience of some symptoms upon commencing Emulin worth it? 

Absolutely and positively yes, yes, and yes!

Note please: I am not the average case. Please do not think when you read this that you are going to experience what I have. Chances are highly unlikely as my medical history and conditions are extremely complex.

Instead let this be the positive reason to keep going, give Emulin the time it deserves to assist and support “Your Body”, and “Your Conditions” in making a difference in your life.

I did and I can honestly say a massive “Thank You” to Dr. Ahrens, Dr. Rajen, and IGalen. 

I will keep you posted as I am very excited for the next ride of my life in my journey with iGalen. Dr. Stefano, bring on Klamax as I know it’s the next key to unlocking a healthier lifestyle and future of happiness and prosperity.
Please share if you choose as if this will help one other person then I’m one happy woman.


Can you believe what I have been given? A gift, a natural game changer. My new Motto has become the following:


Testimonial Update - My Klamax Journey to date. 10/3/18

Chronic bladder disease, Chronic bowel disease, Chronic inflammation, Chronic pain, Peripheral Sensory Neuropathy disease, Fibromyalgia, Arachnoiditis of the spine, spinal surgery multiple times causing permanent damage, Bladder Device (Neural Stimulator), Spinal (Neural Stimulator), fatigue, Chronic insomnia, Fingernail and Toenail disease, hair loss, loss of teeth, anxiety, sugar cravings, difficulty processing a lot of food types, needless to say, each day has been a massive challenge to function at what I feel is normal.

My body has been through 25-27 Major Surgeries, Ketamine Infusions, and 250+ Day Surgeries to date, plus 4 annual Day surgeries for the remainder of my life. Staying optimistic with a positive mindset is a daily work in progress. I am achieving this and will continue to do so.

So, when I started Klamax I was still taking Panadeine Forte, Panadol, Ducolux, sleeping tablets and an antibiotic. These were all for the pain in my conditions mentioned above.

I have been taking Klamax now for 5 weeks and in this time, I have been able to stop taking the Panadol, Panadeine Forte, and the Ducolux.

The pain medications that I have ceased have been a true milestone for myself. For all my life I have been on pain medications from birth and this is the very first time in the past 2 and a half weeks that I have not had to take anything for pain. EVER!

The Ducolux for my bowel is the same also, never ever since I was born have I not had medications or horrid procedures for the benefit of getting my bowels to move. It has been just over two weeks and I have not had to take anything for my bowels. EVER!

I continue to take an antibiotic and sleeping tablets as this is still a problem but it is manageable. I self-catheterize and the antibiotics are necessary. 

I am due for my 3-monthly day surgery on my bladder whereas they do multiple Botox injections and a dilation of the bladder. I am keen to know how my bladder has responded since taking Klamax.

My Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy has improved by ¼ in my pain neural symptoms which is fabulous. I am stubborn by taking all the pain medications out of my daily regime. However, via the guidance of Dr. Rajen and Dr. Ahrens I have been taking 2 Emulin E, 2 Emulin M, and 3 scoops of Klamax daily. One concentrated dose morning and night, and the third I drink in a liter of water throughout my day. 

This mix is definitely working and my coping skills and mental clarity have improved immensely.

Look forward to the continual improvements, as my body is still detoxing daily and I can feel that each day is somewhat slightly different with energy levels and neural responses. Update will follow.

Thank you iGalen.

Update Emulin and Klamax – 25/3/2018

I would like to share that 3 days ago I had my day surgery on my bladder that I have every 3 months.

My specialists were even more impressed with the condition of my bladder. The difference between now and 3 months ago has been that still there are NO ulcerated ulcers. However, this time the walls of the bladder were in perfect condition in their opinion. This has been an extremely pleasing result for myself and my specialists.

For the first time in my life (52 years) I am actually medication free on a regular daily basis. There are times I may need to take antibiotics for my bladder, but this may only be for a 4-5-day time frame. Understand that I have been taking antibiotics EVERY DAY since I was born. This is a massive improvement for myself. One I certainly did not expect I would ever experience.

Post-surgery, it is a regular occurrence where I would be extremely constipated and I would always have an Irrigation Colonic 5 day after surgery to hydrate my bowel. This was necessary as the anesthetic and the pain medications post-surgery would deem my bowel constipated.

I took Klamax immediately after surgery, 2 doses, and my bowel to my surprise was working that evening on its own! This has continued to be a positive occurrence thankfully.

I have also noticed that my Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy has actually lessened in the symptoms by ¼ on a daily basis. This is also fantastic as I was told by my Neurosurgeon that there was no future hope for treating these horrific symptoms other than the likes of Oxycontin, Endone, Plexia, and Neurontin for the rest of my life.

I now only take Emulin and Klamax and this is assisting and supporting the pain where I can manage each day without any other medications. If the pain increases, I merely increase my doses of Emulin and Klamax and this lowers the pain receptors.

I have been taking Klamax for 7 weeks now, along with Emulin. I am detoxing still and I am grateful for this as I know that this is benefiting the well being of my bodies health. Years of acute and chronic ill health is going to require patience to unravel towards a healthier and happier body.

So, I still am clinically diagnosed with the multiple health conditions, they are still there, however, the symptoms have been responsive to Emulin and Klamax. 

My body has been supported and assisted by Emulin which has lowered my inflammation and sugar levels dramatically. The Klamax has provoked Stem cell activity by lowering the symptoms neuropathically, plus the pain that I was experiencing.

How do I know? I had Stem Cell treatment 3 years ago the expensive and painful way, it helped but after 5 intravenous infusions, the benefits ceased.It surely has been an astonishing 13 months journey and I continue to believe that longevity is one I am hopeful I will endure with a definite zest for each day of my life.

Thank you, Dr. Rajen, Dr. Ahrens, and Dr. Stefano, from the bottom of my heart.

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