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Do We Really Need Carbohydrates?

In simple terms, yes and no.

You MUST manage your carbs!

It is a complex question. And need them or not, as humans, we will ingest carbohydrates. But like anything, there can be a point where you are ingesting too many. 

Many foods have carbohydrates and I have yet to meet a human who could follow a 100% carb-free diet.

If you look online at the various answers to the question this title asks, and you read all the page 1 findings, you will probably come away completely confused. The debate rolls on and will probably do so for eternity.

But to this debate we say, it is a mute point. Because no matter what, we are going to ingest carbohydrates. So instead of arguing and debating if carbohydrates are good or bad, why not just take the sensible approach and manage those carbs?

What are carbohydrates?

There are those who will make carbohydrates sound evil. But the record needs to be clear here, carbohydrates are nutrients. It is a nutrient that can be abused and is harmful and it can be terrible if a person goes completely without; actually deadly, with the person going into a coma.

Carbohydrates are simply a concoction of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. These are all substances our bodies need. 

And if you were not paying attention in 7th-grade science, carbohydrates are the first source of energy for our body. The second source is fat and the third is protein. Carbohydrates essentially become glucose. Glucose is a sugar. And we all know that sugar = energy.

So on one side of this debate, we have those who worship the ketosis diet. They are adamant about cutting a major amount of the carbs from your diet to force your system into ketosis when it will rely on burning the fat. 

And the other side, there are those who claim you will be burning protein… You will burn your muscle.

Now, while I have seen the ketosis diet method work, I do believe it runs into some strong health safety issues. 

And when a person says you are going to burn the muscle; the only way that will happen is if you have no fat in your body…

Good luck with that happening unless you are on your last breath and hiking in the Sahara Desert.

Do you really want to go without carbohydrates?

Some of the best foods in the world are high, or have carbohydrates. Just consider some of the wonderful foods you would have to stop if you decide to remove carbs from your diet:

  • Mango – This delicious fruit is ultra-high in carbohydrates. But the mango is also rich in Vitamin C. It just doesn’t make sense to take both nutrients from your body.
  • Cereal – Personally, a bowl of Corn Flakes just “hits the spot” at certain times. But that pesky no carb diet says no to cereal.
  • Corn – Corn has kept America running strong for decades. Suddenly, “experts” tell us corn is bad… Things like corn syrup and such have made corn the evil, carb-filled crop. But, will these same experts start riding bicycles and stop driving cars? Because, their automobiles need corn. That is where Ethanol comes from.
  • Wraps – It is hysterical when a person actually assumes that by changing to a wrap from a normal sandwich bread, they will cut down on carbs. Guess what, that wrap has more carbohydrates than the bread you would have used.
  • All bread items – Our forefathers ate bread at every meal. And now we are told it is bad, and fattening. Really?
  • Pasta – Try to tell the Godfather he can’t have pasta and you just may find a horse’s head in your bed.
  • Bananas – Just like the mango, are we really going to take away the high fiber, B6, potassium and manganese content from our systems just because bananas have high carb levels? 
  • French fries – Sure, we probably don’t need french fries and yes, they are probably loaded with carbs, but can you really bypass the temptation of grabbing a few and popping them into your mouth?

So you see the point I hope. Carbs are everywhere. They even fuel our cars. Does it make sense that we are trying to erase them? It makes more sense to manage those carbs.

Advocating For Both Sides Of The Debate

What makes the debate so difficult to take any side on is the fact that there are truths on both sides. Just as I stated that carbohydrates are everywhere, I want to give you some other facts:

  • A low-carb diet can be healthy. The main take away is that if a person does remove many of the “refined” carbs and not adding extra sugar, it can be a huge benefit to their health and well being. But, not every person has the willpower to follow that protocol. 
  • We have bodily organs that require glucose. Our system demands a certain glucose level to operate efficiently. Our bodies have become adapted to attaining that glucose from carbohydrates. Now, the body will get that glucose from fat if carb levels are low, but it is imperative that your glucose levels always stay within optimal levels.

Even the National Academy of Medicine says they recommend 130 grams of carbohydrates per day and the World Health Organization recommends that 55% of calories should come via carbohydrates each day. 

So once again, we have 2 sides saying the opposite and we are creating mass confusion as to which way is the best way.

A small percentage of humans have found a way to control and manage their intake of carbohydrates. They are able to separate “good carbs” from the bad. When we say bad carbs, we mean processed foods that have no nutrients, just carbs. These are normally in packaged foods, alcohol and adding sugars.

But, not every human has the time or patience to research, read and define if the foods they are buying are a carb friend or carb enemy. And therein lies the other issue… The carb enemy foods are usually the items that cost less. And, not every person has the ability to spend for complete carbohydrate friendly meals.

So, how to manage this situation?

Through study after study, Dr. Joseph Ahrens just knew that citrus fruits held a key to the issues of weight loss, diabetes and carbohydrate management. You see, Dr. Ahrens was, at one time, the director of research at the Florida Department of Citrus.

What he discovered has become the key to managing carbohydrates in the human system. And it all came from the study of grapefruit and how it can be used in weight loss and improving metabolisms.

The end result was named Emulin. 

You see, it all comes down to the old statement, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” 

Don’t get me wrong, Dr. Ahrens would prefer that the human race could stay free of those “bad” carbs. But the truth is, we will never be able to rid the world of them. Humans are not about to give up all the items they love in the name of erasing bad carbs.

So Emulin helps manage those refined carbohydrates. The good carbs will manage on their own providing your body with energy. But those refined carbs are like cotton candy… You eat it, feel that sweet taste but there is no nutrition, no filling effect. It is just “air-sugar.” Refined carbohydrates are empty too. But to try to completely take them from your diet will make your life stressful.

After all, how do you say no to those homemade cookies a co-worker brought? Or the next family reunion where your Aunt is dumping that blueberry cobbler on your plate?

How can you say no without hurting their feelings?

Say yes after

Taking Emulin. Emulin works to manage refined carbohydrates allowing you to enjoy items that have them without the drastic effects they cause on our bodies.

So it just makes sense to enjoy life… Eat some carbohydrate-laden foods. They provide energy. But before doing so, take Emulin to help manage the carbs. 


Dr. Ahrens and the rest of the iGalen team continue to search for other natural sources to help humans live lives of health, well being and fun.

The Emulin Dr. Ahrens invented led to his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015 and 2016. 

And while there is Emulin Plus M for us to manage our carbs, Dr. Ahrens and the team also developed Emulin Plus C which is the version made just for people who have trouble controlling their blood sugar (diabetics). The M stands for Manager and the C stands for Controller.

All I can say is, don’t let the ongoing carbohydrate debate frustrate you. Just take your daily Emulin and enjoy your life.

You deserve it!

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