Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Emulin+ - Safe for Children

We all agree we all need to eat a healthy diet and should do a better job of policing what goes into our mouths. But this applies even more so to our children. With their actively developing bodies, kids need an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients (which come from healthy fruits and vegetables), protein, and moderate amounts of carbohydrates and fat.

Unfortunately, the world screams at us, often with deceptive healthy-sounding marketing, to feed our kids massive amounts of carbohydrates and processed foods. And for the most part, these foods are convenient and cheap. And because of the massive amounts of processed sugar we find in these foods, they taste great to kids, as well as to us! How easy it is to open a box of pre-sweetened cereal for kids at breakfast, or quiet a child by punching open a “juice” box (which often contains no juice at all!).

Most of the foods available to us are processed which has removed many healthy attributes, and added unhealthy ones. Even organic fruits and vegetables have been bred in such a way as to accidentally contain not enough vitamins and minerals, while focusing on size, color, and increased sugar content. After having been unwittingly raised on processed foods with excessive carbohydrates, kids may refuse to eat anything but processed sugary foods. This has resulted in an obesity/diabetes epidemic among our children. Just a few decades ago, the amount of refined sugar consumed by children was 1/10 of what it is today. And as most people are aware, refined sugar has been identified as a substance that our bodies perceive as a poison. We, and especially our kids, are constantly bombarding our system with what it thinks is a poison. The result is a constant low-grade inflammation, which ultimately leads to a deterioration of tissue, and can eventually produce health and life threatening diseases such as diabetes.

In 2007, two Nobel Prize nominees made an amazing discovery. Plants that have a high sugar load, such as pineapple, sugarcane, and citrus, also contain natural compounds that supervise, manage, and chaperone sugar metabolism in our bodies. When consumed together (the natural unprocessed sugar in foods along with the chaperones), the sugar is not identified by our bodies as a poison, but naturally directed away from places it should not be (such as hanging around in our bloodstream or being quarantined in fat tissue) and directed toward where it should be (such as our brain and muscle tissue). This is the way nature intended us to consume carbohydrates. In moderation, unprocessed, and along with these natural chaperones, which does not lead to inflammation. According to these scientists, if this discovery had been made 50 years ago, these natural compounds, trade-named Emulin®, would have been classified as vitamins.

Emulin® is now available as a supplement to consume along with a healthy diet and exercise. Because of the massive amounts of processed sugars hidden in foods (making it very difficult to put together a healthy diet), and as well that these chaperones have been accidentally bred out of the fruits and vegetables available to us today, everyone needs Emulin® supplementation, especially our children. Emulin® is not an “adjunct” or something that is added to our food to overcome a poor diet. It should naturally be there. Now you can put it back. It is extracted from healthy natural products and concentrated so that you can get the amount you need, as nature intended. Since nature itself intended us to have Emulin® in our diets in order to healthily digest sugars, it is safe for everyone, including children and nursing mothers.

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