Monday, 5 June 2017

Stay Active While on Vacation: Here’s How!

There’s nothing better than taking a break from your 9-5 job, parental duties, or even just your daily obligations by taking a much-needed vacation; but as we all can attest, vacations often derail our health and fitness goals by providing us with an excuse to, well, make excuses and slack off. These days, there’s no reason why your vacation can’t be both an escape AND an opportunity to take the time to remain consistent with your fitness goals. Here are 4 tips on how you can make the most of your well-deserved time away.

Travel With Active Friends
They key to staying active while on a trip is to travel with people who share the same intention of mixing fitness and fun. Invite friends who prefer to walk everywhere rather than take public transportation or someone who would be up for an adventurous day hike. Like-minded travel buddies will keep you motivated and on-track with your health and fitness routine and ultimately help you enjoy your trip even more!

Consider the Amenities
Many modern-day hotels and resorts provide a wide variety of fitness-related amenities outside of their regular gym or fitness center. Before you book your accommodations, check to see if the hotel offers classes like yoga, cycling or Zumba or if they have on-site tennis courts, golf courses or other active outdoor activities. Having these types of easily accessible amenities will make the decision to get out and be active a no-brainer! 

Work Out Early
If you’re used to waking up early and working out before your day starts then this won’t be an issue. If you’re not, then the morning workout will be just what you need in order to make sure you’re getting your daily dose of fitness in. When we’re on vacation, the days tend to get away from us; we have every intention of working out later in the day and then all of a sudden it’s time to go to bed. Avoid this scenario by making your mornings about taking care of yourself and getting the exercise you need to power you through your day.

Find a Healthy Balance
We get it. Vacations are meant to be relaxing. You’re supposed to allow yourself to sleep in, enjoy a cocktail by the pool and explore the new surroundings. True vacations are about giving your body what it needs so don’t get down on yourself if you skip a day of working out. While fitness is important, wellness is just as imperative to a healthy and happy life.

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