Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Magic Behind Emulin+

iGalen’s Emulin+ is a revolutionary product of our time because it targets inflammation and that is why our focus and vision has been to live in a world of minimized and managed inflammation leading to improved health and prolonged useful life. A vision that truly encompasses the entire globe and has been catching the media’s attention. But the big question is, how does Emulin® work?

1st process: It inhibits, in your mouth, the change of starch to simple sugars, so once we slow that process down, there’s not as much free sugar to be absorbed into your body because your body cannot just absorb straight starch it has to be broken down into simple sugars.

2nd process: In the lining of your gut, your stomach and intestines, there are these little doorways that open up for the simple sugars to come into the bloodstream and we slow down that process down as well, not all of them, but some of those doors we close down. Once the sugar is inside the bloodstream it has to decide where to go and that’s one of the things that insulin does: is this sugar going into fat tissue, brain or muscle tissue? There is a component in Emulin® that helps guide this sugar to the muscle tissue and to the doorways of the brain and keeps it out of fat tissue. Not only does it block the sugar getting in the fat tissue but it also prevents the development of fat tissue.

3rd process: It causes glucose to leak back out of fat tissue, many people report losing weight. 

If you try to lower your blood glucose just by reducing the amount of sugar that you take it’s not going to work by itself because your body wants to go right back where it was when you woke in the morning, so therefore if you don’t get enough sugar is your body makes new sugar and one of the components of Emulin® slows that process down called gluconeogenesis (GNG). That by way, is the same way Metformin works, the world’s most popular drug for type 2 diabetes.

Lastly, Emulin® causes an increase in insulin sensitivity. Type 2 diabetic have insulin in their body but it’s just not working, it’s not opening those doorways. Those doorways don’t show up, but when you take the component in Emulin® and in the presence of insulin causes those doorways to open up.

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